Friday, October 3, 2008

K-Mart doubles for me!

I was lucky to have K-Mart double coupons in my area this week. This is the picture from my first trip. I made one other trip (got 1 dove deodorant and 2 Edge shaving gels for $0.80 not pictured) for myself and then helped Jared sort out Tami's coupons and make a trip, since she is out of town.

I got everything pictured below, about $70.00 retail value for $7.50 ($3 of that was TAX!). I was pretty happy with my deals.

I'll post my CVS and Walgreens trips later. OH and get excited for me...a grocery store in our area, Lowe's Foods in doing triples next week! They haven't had a triples day since I've started couponing, so I'm excited to see if it is as lucrative as Harris Teeter usually is. My coupon buddy says their prices are generally cheaper (although still way above Wal-Mart's normal price) so, with triples you can score a lot of great stuff.


Charlotte said...

Jared went without Tami?!? That is one sweet man. He deserves a medal.

BTW, nice deals.

GordonTucker said...

I go without jessica more often then not :(. I like it more than she does. Looks like lots of fun, I forgot to get to k-mart again so I missed out