Thursday, October 15, 2009

Wheelin' and Dealin'

I got everything pictures below for $19.80, which I put on a Rite Aid giftcard. I will recieve about $26.00 back from Rite Aid for a profit of over $6.00! I got everything pictured below for $1.31 (which was just the tax). Yeah for practically free paper towels!

Thursday, August 20, 2009


So, we had an amazing triples sales here. This combined with a few sweet Target and CVS runs, made for an amazing shopping experience last week. Here are the pictures of my purchases.

Total Retail Value: $775.49
sales: $279.07
coupons: $426.85
oop: $66.67
I received a $20 rebate check back by mail, making my final out of pocket:
(I am missing a picture that has 6 canisters of Lysol wipes, 2 bags of Oreos, 2 bags of Chips Ahoy, 2 - 2 packs of Gerber pacifiers, 40 roll package of Cottonelle toilet paper, a huge canister of Similac formula, and a gallon of Sunny Delight).

Monday, July 6, 2009

Rite Aid Challenge

It had been almost a month since I last visited Rite Aid. Considering that I have a new baby at home and have had a ton of company, I guess that isn't too bad. Anyway, there was another $5 off a $25 purchase coupon out and some items that I really wanted, so I made a trip.

Crest - sale price $2.59 - $0.75 coupon = $1.84 ($1.84 rebate)
Nivea Lip Care - $2.99 ($2 rebate)
Gillette Venus Divine Razor - sale price $7.99 - $2 coupon = $5.99 ($5 rebate)
2 Finesse Hair Products - sale price 2 / $6.00 = $6.00 ($4 rebate)
Anti-Monkey Butt Powder - sale price $4.99 ($4 rebate)
Feverall - sale price $1.00 ($1.00 rebate)
$5 off $25 Rite Aid coupon
$1.73 tax
Retail Value: $40.86
Sale Savings: $13.57
Coupon Savings: $7.75
Total: $19.54

Rebates received: $17.84 (a loss of $1.70, but I still have yet to pay anything out of pocket and that is less than the amount of tax!)

Rite Aid Totals to date:

Total Retail Value: $174.82
Total Sales Savings: $45.34
Total Coupon Savings: $45.50
Total Spent on Gift Cards: $83.98 (nothing spent out of pocket yet!)
Total Rebates Received: $93.50
A profit of: $9.52!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Rite Aid Challenge - More profit!

I finally felt up to an outing to Rite Aid this week. They had some great deals going on that I didn't want to pass up. Here are my totals!

1 Airwick Freshmatic Mini : $9.99 - $4.00 coupon = $5.99 ($5.00 rebate)
1 Sure Sport Deodorant $2.99 - $1.50 coupon = $1.49 ($1.50 rebate)
1 Phillips Headphones $4.99 (on sale, regular $10.99) ($4.99 rebate)
1 Bic Soleil Razors $4.99 (on sale, regular $6.49) - $3.00 coupon = $1.99 ($1.00 rebate)
1 Orajel Toddler Toothpaste $3.00 (on sale, regular $3.99) ($3.00 rebate)
1 Complete Contact Solution $7.99 (on sale, regular $9.49) ($7.99 rebate)
1 Rite Aid Coupon $5 off a $25 purchase
Tax = $2.29
Total Retail Value: $46.23
Sales Savings: $9.99
Coupon Savings: $13.50
Total spent: $22.74 (on Gift Card, no OOP)
Rebates Recieving: $23.48 for a profit of : $0.74
Rite Aid Totals to date:
Total Retail Value: $133.96
Sales Savings: $31.77
Coupon Savings: $37.75
Total Spent on Gift Card: $64.44 (nothing out of pocket yet!)
Total Rebates Recieved: $75.66
A profit of: $11.22

Monday, May 18, 2009

Rite Aid Challenge - $10.00 in PROFIT!

I had a great transaction at Rite Aid today and was able to make a $10.00 profit.

1 Alaway itchy eye relief, on sale $7.99 - $4.00 coupon = $3.99 receive $7.99 rebate
1 Saline Wound Wash, on sale $5.49 - $1.00 coupon = $4.49 receive $5.49 rebate
1 Bayer 10ct. Crystals, on sale $3.99 - $1.00 coupon = $2.99 receive $3.99 rebate
1 Gillette Deodorant, on sale $3.50 - $2.00 coupon = $1.50 receive $2.00 rebate
1 Suave Deodorant, on sale $2.00 - $0.50 coupon = $1.50 receive $1.50 rebate
1 Right Guard Pro. Deodorant, on sale $5.99 - $1.00 coupon = $4.99, receive $5.00 rebate
I had a coupon for $5 off any $25 purchase that I used and tax was $1.62.
Total retail value: $41.86
Sales Savings: $11.28
Coupon Savings: $14.50
Total put on my *FREE* gift card: $16.08
Rebates received: $25.96 for a profit of : $9.88!!!!

Rite Aid Totals:
$87.73 Retail Value
- $21.78 Sales Savings
- $24.25 Coupon Savings
$41.70 spent on Gift Cards ($0.00 Out of Pocket!)
-$52.18 in Rebates Received
Profit of : $ 10.48

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Rite Aid Challenge

I got back my $19 rebate and put it into a gift card so I can continue to roll my Rite Aid money. This week I got a Got2B hairspray. I spent $4.99 plus tax and I'll get back $4.99, so I only lost the amount paid in tax. I decided to add up all my Rite Aid savings so far.
I started with a free $25 gift card for filling my $0.72 prescription. I have purchased:
$45.87 retail value merchandise
- $10.50 in sales
- $9.75 in coupons
$25.62 spent
-$26.22 rebates received
$0.60 in net gain, $0.00 spent out of pocket so far!

Kim's Weekly Savings

Savings for 5/10 - 5/16

Retail Value: $317.55
Sales Savings: $146.47
Coupon Savings: $105.53

Total: $55.05
Percentage Saved: 79%!!

Highlights: 2 lbs free apples, 6 boxes 100 calorie nabisco snacks for $0.04 a box, 5 free Kraft BBQ sauce, 5 packages Kraft cheese for $4 total!, 2 boxes Ritz crackers for $0.99, 6 Kraft salad dressing for $0.28 total!, 1 18 oz Miracle Whip for $0.74, 1 18 oz Mayonaisse for $0.49, 6 jars Ragu Spaghetti sauce for FREE!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Kim's Weekly Savings

Savings for 5/3 - 5/9

Retail Value: $121.39
Sales Savings: $24.55
Coupon Savings: $50.18

Total: $45.72
Percentage Saved: 62%

Some of the highlights: 2 Kraft BBQ for Free, 4 Uncle Ben's Rice for Free, Kraft EZ Mac for FREE, 2 lbs of apples for $0.25, 4 Fiber One products for $0.25 total!, Listerine Mouthwash, Pert Plus, and Right Gaurd Deodorant for FREE!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Kim's Weekly Savings

Savings for 4/26 - 5/2

Retail Value: $466.15
Sales Savings: $193.74
Coupon Savings: $236.98

Total: $33.41
Percentage Saved: 93%

Some of the highlights: 3/4 lb package of stir fry steak for $0.43, 2 shirts from Kohl's for Abe for $0.43 each, 3 cartons Breyer's icecream for $0.44 each, Free apples, 2 cans Pringles, 2 Kraft salad dressing, and 4 kraft mac n cheese from Target, 5 boxes of Special K for $0.40 a piece, a 260 package of wipes for $1.87, 15 boxes of Uncle Ben's rice for FREE, 2 Kraft BBQ sauce for FREE, 5 bags tortilla chips for FREE, 4 boxes of Bagelfuls for $0.64 each, 2 boxes Eggo Waffles for $0.54 each, 6 cans refried beans for FREE, 4 jars salsa for $0.35 each, 5 boxes Planter peanut bars for $0.25 each, Daisy Sour Cream for FREE, 2 Nivea Body Wash for FREE, 3 cans Dole Pineapple for $0.07 each, 7 Hormel Compleats meals for FREE, and 6 boxes of Electrasol tabs for FREE.

It was triple coupons at Harris Teeter, where a lot of my products came from. Below is a picture we took when our out of pocket expense was at $17. We wanted to put the pile away, so we didn't take any additional pictures after that.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Rite Aid Challenge

Here is my latest purchase for the Rite Aid Challenge.

Skintimate Shaving Gel on sale for $2.99 - $0.75 coupon = $2.24 plus tax = $2.44
I will get back: $2.24 rebate

My totals:

$28.96 retail value merchandise (that is sale prices)

used $21.16 on my gift card

receiving $21.24 back on my gift card from rebates to roll into new deals.

I've made a profit of $0.08 on my free Gift Card!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Kim Weekly Savings

Savings for 4/19 - 4/25

Retail Value: $285.60
Sales Savings: $106
Coupon Savings: $95.72

Total: $82.77
Percentage saved: 71%

Some of the highlights: Free milk, 8 tubes of free Crest (donated to Salvation army today), Free chef boyardee, 3 boxes of Capri Suns for $0.79 each, Free Huggies, 3 packages of Kroger diapers for $2.49 each, 2 Tresseme thermal sprays for Free (these are for Mom)

We also had some friends over on Friday and were able to purchase all of our snacks and prizes for that (at least $25 of what we spent was towards this). It put us slightly over budget for the week, but we are still under budget for the month.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Rite Aid Challenge

So, I had my first transaction in the Rite Aid Challenge.

1 package Huggies diapers: $8.99 - $2 coupon = $6.99
1 Wartner Wart Remover: $9.99
1 Ben Gay Patch: $6.99 - $2 coupon = $4.99
subtract a $5 off $25 Rite Aid Coupon plus $1.75 tax = $18.72

I will receive back:
$3 rebate for Huggies diapers
$10 rebate for Wart Remover
$6 rebate for Ben Gay
Total back: $19.00

So I've gained $0.28 so far on my free $25 Gift Card!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Kim's Weekly Savings

Savings for 4/12/2009 - 4/18/2009

Retail Value: $124.44
Sales Savings: $42.80
Coupon Savings: $14.00

Total: $67.52
Percentage Saved: 45%

Some of the highlights: all of our plastic Easter eggs for next year (75% off), these 2 awesome buckets for Abe's Big Boy room (50% off see pic), Softsoap Coconut Scrub (free and it smells SO good).

The blue is the color we painted the walls in his room.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Rite Aid Challenge

So, I needed to refill a prescription of Abe's. We'd filled it several months ago at CVS initially. This past week in the paper they had coupons to receive a $25 Gift Card to Rite Aid if you transferred a prescription there. I figured I'd go ahead and transfer it, to get the Gift Card. So, I went to Rite Aid, paid $0.72 for the prescription and got my $25 G.C. Now, here is my challenge. I'm going to see how much I can actually get with that $25 without ever paying out of pocket. Rite Aid does a monthly rebate program and combining that with coupons, I'll see what I can do. I'm going to track it for a year. Here's to free stuff from Rite Aid!

Kim's Weekly Savings

Savings for 4/5/2009 - 4/11/2009

Retail Value: $261.25
Sales Savings: $80.97
Coupon Savings: $127.55
Total : $50.75
(not including $1.98 that was put on a CVS giftcard that I got for free, since that didn't come out of my pocket. That $1.98 was included in the total when I calculated my % of savings for the week)
I am also getting a $10 rebate back by mail, but I did not include that in any of my totals since I haven't recieved it yet.

Percentage SAVED: 80% !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some of my highlights: 5 mega packs of Huggies Wipes (free) 7 Vitamin Water drinks (free)
2 cartons Breyers Icecream ($1.24 each) 2 gallons milk (free) 4 Shick Intuition Razors (free) 2 Skintimate Shave Gels (free) 3 cans Del Monte Green Beans ($0.31 each) 3 packages Yeast ($0.64 each) Set of Clippers ($0.79) 4 cans Pringles ($0.38 each)

I might make one more trip out this evening to fill a prescription for Abe. I'll update my totals if I do.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Harris Teeter Triples

Harris Teeter had another triples sale at the beginning of February. It wasn't the best deals, but the SoftSoap and Palmolive were all free. The pretzels and pasta and powerade were also free. I got everything else for about $10. The Lipton soup wasn't the cheapest, but the tripled coupon made it cheaper than I pay for the Wal-Mart brand usually, so it was worth it. The Minute Rice was $0.50 a box, the cans of beans were $0.25 - $0.30 a piece (I have enough to make Taco Soup 4 times!). Anyway, it was some pretty cheap shopping!

Fruit Snacks at Kroger

Thanks to Ken digging me coupons out of everyone's recycling bin, I had 6 $0.50 off one Fruit Snack coupons. There was a buy 10 select items and get $3 off your order sale, so I picked up the 4 Manwich cans to round me off. Here is how it broke down:

Fruit Snacks : sale price $1.69 - $0.30 a piece from the sale - $1.00 from coupon doubled = $0.39 a box

Manwich: sale price $0.88 - $0.30 a piece from the sale - $0.50 off 2 coupon, doubled = $0.16 per 2 cans

My total : $2.66, then I got an additional surprise when a $3.50 coupon off my next purchase spit out at me!! Resulting in this transaction:

6 Totinos Pizza Rolls : sale price $1.25 - $0.30 a piece from sale - $0.70 a piece from a $0.35 coupon doubled - $0.50 from an e-coupon (this only came off 1 time, not for each one) = $1.00 for all 6 boxes
4 Totinos Pizzas: sale price $1.25 - $0.30 a piece from sale = $0.95 a piece
MultiGrain Cheerios : sale price $1.67 - $1.00 coupon a piece and $0.75 e-coupon a piece = they paid me $0.08 a box
Trix: sale price $1.67 - $1.00 coupon = $0.67
Bread : $1.79
Total: $7.10 - $3.50 catalina = $3.60 Total!!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Thank You Target

So, thanks to a mistake on Target's part (2 of my items rang up at the wrong price and when I took it to customer service, I ended up getting some things for free) I was able to get everything below for $3.55. Yes, that includes a BRAND NEW pair of Osh Kosh Sunday shoes for Abe. I have been loving the deals lately!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Amazing Kroger Sale!

Our Kroger was running a really good sale this week. I got up early this morning so I could be sure to get everything I wanted. The following cost me a grand total of $0.99!!! It has a retail value of $48.22, so I paid 2% of the retail value!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Toddler Food

So, Ken found me these awesome coupons at Kroger for $0.75 off any Beechnut Grow product. We took them to Lowe's Foods, who doubles, and I was able to get these for a total of $0.19. So sweet. The best part is, he got me 30 coupons! They don't expire for a few months, so I can slowly build a nice supply of crackers, fruit snacks, mac n cheese, etc...for basically nothing!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Oh I love Harris Teeter and Fruity Pebbles.

So, I found out one of my favorite stores, Harris Teeter, accepts Walgreen's Register Rewards. This is amazing. I can score them for free many times at Walgreens and then use them to buy groceries. So sweet. I had one expiring today and I combined it with some sale stuff and came away with all this for $1.87
2 boxes Capt Crunch - sale 2/$4 I had 2 - $0.50 coupons that doubled
2 boxes Fruity Pebbles - sale 2/$4, I had a coupon $1 off 2
2 boxes Rice Krispies - sale $1.25, I had 2 - $1 off coupons
1 box Hungry Jack - sale $1.97, I had $0.55 coupon that doubled
2 boxes Quaker granola - sale 2/$4, I had $1 off 2 coupon
4 boxes South Beach bars - sale 2/$5, I had a $2 off coupon for each one

Monday, January 12, 2009

Coupon Craze is back!

I've been a little off the bandwagon with my coupons. Mind you, I've still bargained shopped and got some great deals and used coupons, just not with as much zeal. Lately I've been back on fire with them. I am proud to admit that all my coupons are cut and filed. Hooray! Anyway, here is my deals of today.

6 bags of Kraft Cheese
(on sale BOGO, so $1.89 each. $0.75 coupon that double to $1.50, meant you were paying $0.39 for a bag of cheese. For some reason, 2 of my coupons didn't double, I pointed it out to the cashier, but she said she couldn't do anything. I was getting such a great deal, I didn't fuss)
10 boxes Green Giant vegetables
(on sale $1 each. I had 4 $0.50 off one that doubled and 3 $0.50 off 2 that doubled)
2 Cottonelle Toilet Paper 4 packs
(They cost $0.99 and I had $0.50 coupon that doubled)
2 King's Hawaiian Rolls
(on sale $1.00, I had $1.00 off coupons)
4 Reese's Whips Candy bars
(on sale 2/$1.00, I had $1.00 off 2 coupons)
2 tubs of Pillsbury frosting
(on clearance for $0.69, I had $0.40 coupons that doubled)
8 Beechnut Toddler Meals
($1.38 a piece, I would NEVER pay this when you can buy Mac N Cheese or Spaghetti-O's at Wal-Mart for a fraction of the price, but I had $0.75 coupons that doubled and made them free! and you can't beat free! I have 24 more of these coupons that I can use throughout the next few months too!)

My total for all my groceries: $7.46 (retail value approximately $53.00, which means I paid about 14% of the value!)