Friday, October 3, 2008

Good wags week



I had a really good week at walgreens.

I payed $42 out of pocket, but got $8.5 in RR and $17.5 in rebates. So we ended up paying $17 for everything in both pictures combined

Funny thing is, $7 of the price came from the pringles (yummy pringles). That means the rest was only $10 o.O


Kim and Ken Carlile said...

Holy Cow Batman. That is a lot of stuff for just one week! You creamed me. I'll post my pictures of my deals tomorrow.

Kim and Ken Carlile said...

I was about to sign off and then looked at the pictures again...seriously that is a lot of stuff. You are going to go crazy when you get your gift card from last month!!!! Think of all you can do with a $70 G.C. from Walgreens...