Friday, September 26, 2008

Sweet Hershey Love

This was a CVS deal. If you bought $15 of select candy you recieved $7 ECB.

I purchased 6 bags of kisses for $2.50 each. total: $15

I used 3 - $1/2 bags of Hershey kisses that I found at Harris Teeter

I used 1 - $2 off a $10 purchase CVS coupon

I used 1 - $2 off a bag of Hershey's candy CVS coupon that printed on my reciept

So I got $7.00 off with coupons.

Then I used a $5.99 and a $2.00 ECB from a previous purchase.

I paid $0.21 and recieved my $7.00 ECB back.

The sweetest part of the deal? All the bags were Movie Bonus bags with 5 points each. So I have 30 points, with that I'll get two free $8.50 movie tickets from Hershey!! So sweet!

Monday, September 22, 2008

K-Mart Double Coupons

K-Mart double coupon day was ok for us, if they weren't so expensive to start with, we might have gotten more deal. Oh well, nothing to complain about :)


Retail Value : $84.45 (using sale prices)

Coupons : $58.45

Rebates : $3.99

Total cost : $22.01

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CVS and Walgreens

Here is my most recent CVS deal. When I talk about retail value, it is the store's that I purchased it from retail value, bear in mind that CVS and Walgreens prices are higher than Wal-Mart's would be.

Retail Value: $57.33

Sales savings: -$22.63 = $34.70

Coupon savings: -$11.75 = $22.95

ECBs used: -$19.98 = $2.97

I paid the $2.97 on a gift card. I recieved $22.98 back in new ECBs, which is $0.03 more than I spent when you add my ECBs and my amount on the gift card.

I also had a $10 Register Reward from an earlier deal at Walgreens that was expiring today, so here is what I purchased:

Retail Value: $17.35

Sales savings: -$3.48 = $13.87

Register Reward: -$10.00 = $3.87

I paid this on a gift card. I recieved a new $5 Register Reward and I will also get $8.78 back on my gift card. So I used $13.87 and essentially recieved $13.78, so I lost $0.09 on the deal.

Triple Coupons

I had already posted this on the sidebar of my blog, but I'll add it here. This was my triple coupon haul. Harris Teeter did a deal earlier in the week involving Betty Crocker fruit snacks and Green Giant vegetables, but I haven't added those totals yet. My totals here:

$190 worth of groceries(approx.)

-$59 sales(approx.)

-$119 coupons(approx.)

= $11.70!!!

What a deal. I'm excited about the CupNoodles that we scored 36 of (they paid me $0.05 apiece) to add to our food storage.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Gordon & Jessica - September 15-20

This week we did most of our deals at walmart.
(This weeks numbers are off, because I lost 3 reciepts)


Full Price:

Sales & Coupons:

RR & Rebates:

Total Cost:

The deals:

TGIF- On their website a month ago, the put a pdf coupon for $3 off any frozen snack. It was static, so many poeple ved it to download later. Within 1 day they took it off. I got a pdf of it. The only problem is that its so fuzzy that it won't scan. The cashier has to punch it in manually (the original was that fuzzy, so it has always had the issue.) I don't like having to make them push to coupon, so we probably wont do that one anymore.

The kotex has 2 seperate bricks coupons for $1 off, and the small size we got were $1 each, so they were free

The relish was $1 and vlassic has a $1 off printable pdf (no limit)