Monday, January 18, 2010

Target Clearance, I love you.

I was so excited to get these deals at Target. I'd been looking for new Sunday clothes for Abraham because he is starting to bust out of his. Target had a bunch of sets (pants, white button down shirts, and sweater vests) on sale for 75% off ... $5.74. One set even had a black velvet suit jacket. They had a bunch of other things too. I ended up with 2 hooded jackets, 5 Sunday sets, 2 sweaters, 2 tee shirts, and a winter hat for .... drum roll ....

Retail Value: $184.92
Spent: $41.15

A savings of 78%!!!

(Just for the record, I bought a 3T and matching 18 mo Sunday set for the boys to wear now. I bought (2) 4T Sunday outfits and (1) 5T Sunday outfit to save. The sweaters are 4T and 2T for the boys to wear next winter. The jackets are 5T and 4T to save. The tee shirts are both for this summer and the hat is for next winter)