Saturday, September 20, 2008

Gordon & Jessica - September 15-20

This week we did most of our deals at walmart.
(This weeks numbers are off, because I lost 3 reciepts)


Full Price:

Sales & Coupons:

RR & Rebates:

Total Cost:

The deals:

TGIF- On their website a month ago, the put a pdf coupon for $3 off any frozen snack. It was static, so many poeple ved it to download later. Within 1 day they took it off. I got a pdf of it. The only problem is that its so fuzzy that it won't scan. The cashier has to punch it in manually (the original was that fuzzy, so it has always had the issue.) I don't like having to make them push to coupon, so we probably wont do that one anymore.

The kotex has 2 seperate bricks coupons for $1 off, and the small size we got were $1 each, so they were free

The relish was $1 and vlassic has a $1 off printable pdf (no limit)