Monday, September 22, 2008

CVS and Walgreens

Here is my most recent CVS deal. When I talk about retail value, it is the store's that I purchased it from retail value, bear in mind that CVS and Walgreens prices are higher than Wal-Mart's would be.

Retail Value: $57.33

Sales savings: -$22.63 = $34.70

Coupon savings: -$11.75 = $22.95

ECBs used: -$19.98 = $2.97

I paid the $2.97 on a gift card. I recieved $22.98 back in new ECBs, which is $0.03 more than I spent when you add my ECBs and my amount on the gift card.

I also had a $10 Register Reward from an earlier deal at Walgreens that was expiring today, so here is what I purchased:

Retail Value: $17.35

Sales savings: -$3.48 = $13.87

Register Reward: -$10.00 = $3.87

I paid this on a gift card. I recieved a new $5 Register Reward and I will also get $8.78 back on my gift card. So I used $13.87 and essentially recieved $13.78, so I lost $0.09 on the deal.


GordonTucker said...

I haven't gotten the reach deal yet, but still planning to. Maybe even twice

GordonTucker said...

And I'm still jealous of cvs (probably always will be)

GordonTucker said...

maybe you could set up an account for me there... have a buddy shop with you or something

just saying :)

Kim and Ken Carlile said...


It is something to consider...but I don't know if I have it in me to shop more than one card at a time. I'll have to talk to Tami, maybe we can work something out.