Saturday, October 25, 2008

This is out of control...

So we are a bit out of control here. With the $5 off $20 at walgreens, the $1.01 money maker on pert plus at walgreens, and the free makeup at k-mart, we went a little wild.

We spent around $100 out of pocket, but have $81 in register rewards. That leaves us with actually spending $19 for everything in the pictures. Thats a LOT of stuff for $19. The value of all the items is $1,267, plus tax. I'd say we got away with a steal of a deal, wouldn't you? :)


And closer up...

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

El Paso's lack of coupons

So because I live in el paso, I'm out 3 really good coupons this week. We not only dont get the high value coupons, sometimes they just leave pages of the smartsource or redplum out completely! It really irks me. While searching for a different newspaper we could get sent to el paso (with the utah ads), I ran into this and thought it was interesting (link)

Top Coupon-Clipping Cities

Scarborough also examined Grocery Coupon Clipping Households - those households that use grocery coupons (specifically) once a week or more.

Milwaukee, WI and Rochester, NY are the leading US market areas for these households, the analysis found:

40% of Milwaukee households and 38% of Rochester households use grocery coupons once a week or more.
Nationally, 27% of households use grocery coupons with this same frequency.
Albuquerque, NM, El PasoTX, and Fresno, CA are the markets least likely to have Grocery Coupon Clipping Households: 14% of Albuquerque households use grocery coupons once a week or more; 15% of those in El Paso, and Fresno use grocery coupons with this same frequency.

Friday, October 10, 2008

More of the same (glade,crest, sb, etc...)



So I thought I'd finished the week early, but more deals came along... So I took them! In the end I spent a total of $5 (once I get my rebates). Talk about an awesome week! Now if only I could get two walgreens accounts... I did get one more chocolate bar, but already gave it to mom.

I am going to get a little more for free this week as well. 1 glade glass scents, and 2 more pert plus.

Thanks for getting me started on this when good wags deals were going on! Next month is supposed to be pretty slow though.
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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Lowe's Food Triples

A grocery store close to us, Lowe's Foods, did triple coupons. The items below have a retail value of: $108.49. I saved $22.65 with sale prices and $75.33 with coupons. I paid $10.51, which is only 9.7% of the retail value! Wahoo!!!

I got all of this at Kroger. I paid $5.23, but got $8.00 in coupons to spend next time.

This is my Walgreens weekly deals. Luckily for me, my gift card from last month was refilled. I spent $4.00 in Register Reward, but have $7.50 RR for next time. I spent about $24.00 on my gift card, but I'll recieve about $24.00 back on it from rebates. Nothing out of pocket because of the gift card!

Lastly, but not least, this is what I got at CVS. I lost about $7.00 in ECBs this week, but I was able to get 2 bottles of vitamins (not pictured) that we needed and get Abe a Halloween sippy cup. I only spent $0.51 out of pocket and I still have over $60.00 in ECBs to use.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Early shopping


I've finished all my shopping for this week already. I spent (after getting my RR's) $10.5 for about $127 worth of stuff.

Just so everyone knows, pert plus is free at walgreens this week. It's actually $3.49, but there is a in-store coupon for $2.50 off (you can use it as many time as you want). You can print off 2 $1 off coupons here, and 2 more coupons at on page 6 or 7. That is 4 free pert plus per computer you have access to print from.

$8 of that was spent on the diced tomatoes and tava (yummy tava). The rest combined came to $2.50 :)
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Friday, October 3, 2008

K-Mart doubles for me!

I was lucky to have K-Mart double coupons in my area this week. This is the picture from my first trip. I made one other trip (got 1 dove deodorant and 2 Edge shaving gels for $0.80 not pictured) for myself and then helped Jared sort out Tami's coupons and make a trip, since she is out of town.

I got everything pictured below, about $70.00 retail value for $7.50 ($3 of that was TAX!). I was pretty happy with my deals.

I'll post my CVS and Walgreens trips later. OH and get excited for me...a grocery store in our area, Lowe's Foods in doing triples next week! They haven't had a triples day since I've started couponing, so I'm excited to see if it is as lucrative as Harris Teeter usually is. My coupon buddy says their prices are generally cheaper (although still way above Wal-Mart's normal price) so, with triples you can score a lot of great stuff.

Good wags week



I had a really good week at walgreens.

I payed $42 out of pocket, but got $8.5 in RR and $17.5 in rebates. So we ended up paying $17 for everything in both pictures combined

Funny thing is, $7 of the price came from the pringles (yummy pringles). That means the rest was only $10 o.O

Last weeks deals


Last week I didn't get many deals. I payed $26 out of pocket, then got $20 in RR, so paid $6 for whats in the picture
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